Attention: Energy costs are at an all time high, are you wasting money? Send us a copy of an electricity bill today to see if you, or your customers can save money and CO2 emissions. (See contact page for email and fax details).

Finding the right service provider is not an easy task. Particularly where specialist knowledge and experience is required.

Power Correction Services Ltd are committed to bringing you the highest standard of service and expertise in energy saving through Power Factor Improvement, and reduced "down-time" and equipment damage through improvement of your site power quality. We have over 30 years experience, working with Market Leaders in the manufacture of equipment and service providers in this field, with a comprehensive background in electricity supply, contracting and power quality related services.

Significant energy and CO2 reductions can be made by improving the electrical efficiency through installation of Power Factor Correction equipment. Once installed this equipment must be regularly maintained to sustain the savings. Please see our Power Factor Correction link above for more information.

Power Quality is an increasingly "hot topic". It is estimated that power quality problems cost industry and commerce in the EU around 10 billion Euros per annum. How costly this can be to the consumer is relative to the nature of the business, and how costly loss of power or damage to the electricity supply infrastructure could be. Power Correction Services Ltd are experts in carrying out surveys, monitoring and providing solutions for power quality problems including harmonics and voltage related issues. Please see our Power Quality link above for more information.